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Dressage Training

Bobbie Socks
Figlio (aka Femmo)
El Rey
Star Piper
Bobbie Socks
Don Tango
Di Amore
Plegario ESF
Feiner Frisbee
Dia Collects
Romancino WS
Dunnin Bradstreet
Femmo aka Figlio

Are you looking for some one to entrust your horse into training?  


When your horse is at Helicon, you can rest assured your horse is treated with love and respect.  Training is not just about the results, it's about the physical and mental development of a sentient being.  Horses should feel proud of their effort and to love their work.  Horses come with great characters, and it is our responsibility to preserve the horse's innocence while developing his ability.   I strive to be kind, fair, clear and quick to reward an effort, because that’s what builds a horse’s confidence.  

The care at Helicon is top notch.  Helicon is small and personalized.   The horses are kept as naturally as possible, with lots of turnout and high quality hay fed up to four times per day.  The stalls are open with views so the horses can see the horizon and each other. The horses legs are cold hosed after each workout.  Physical issues are addressed through training, veterinary or alternative care, depending on the horse's needs.  We focus on dressage training - so (with the exception of a couple pensioners) all the horses here are in work.  




Green Horses:

I have extensive experience with young and green horses, putting dressage basics on 40+ horses, including taking 30+ youngsters to their very first dressage show (some schooling, some USEF recognized). I love the challenge of training the horse's mind and body.  I have helped dozens of owners with putting a foundation on their young horses and giving them their first experiences with hacking, clinics and shows. 

Flying Changes:

I have put flying changes on 9 horses to date: Di Amore, Frisbee, Aeros, Dior, Bobbie Socks, Plegario ESF, Ping, Gun and Oryol. 


I had the amazing opportunity to ride in the Proud Meadows Friesian dressage exhibitions with Olympic silver medalist Sabine Schut Kery.   We performed in Pas de deux, pas de trois and quadrilles traveling as far as New York and Dressage at Devon in Pennsylvania.

USDF Medals

I have earned the USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals all on my own horses.


Figlio (show name Femmo) and I recently debuted at Grand Prix and earned the final scores that we needed to finish our Gold medal, in two shows in fall 2023.

In 2021-2022 we competed in the CDI Small Tour classes of Prix St. Georges and Intermediare I at the Houston CDI and Dressage at Devon.  We have a median average of 66% at Intermediare I, with our personal best a 69+.  I have owned Figlio since he was 7-coming-8, and he had an excellent foundation, having competed in the FEI 6-year-olds.

I also bred, raised, started, trained and showed Di Amore to Prix St. Georges, and she was schooling the Grand Prix movements. "Dia" was a Hanoverian-Thoroughbred cross mare.  


Bobbie Socks, whom I've owned since she was three, is now showing 4th level with scores in the 70's and schooling PSG.  Bobbie Socks is a wonderfully talented mare, but she is plagued with complications from a bad hoof. 


My homebred Feiner Frisbee also showed to 4th level, and was ready to show PSG, but sadly had to retire from competition due to breathing difficulties (from roaring and a flipped pallet that interfered with his breathing whenever he did tempi changes, despite his talent for them).  Frisbee was also a wonderful, safe schoolmaster for my students.  


I also started and showed Dior and Aeros through 3rd level, earning Dior her Hanoverian elite mare status.  I started and showed Plegario ESF through second level, schooling 3rd with flying changes installed.


With these horses, scores for the USDF bronze was earned many times over, some "with distinction" as defined by the USDF (scores above 67% at 1st, 2nd and 3rd level)


**For more information about my mentors and education, please see Lessons page


Helicon Farm does not offer boarding.  

Minimum training rates are as follows:  

Full Board is $800 (alfalfa in am, hay 4x day, forage pellets in the evening, and Simplifly included)

Lessons or rides are $50 each time with minimum of 12 ($600) per month.

Show coaching is $100 per day.

Haul-in training rides are $75 per ride

If you have a horse you would like trained and shown, please contact me!  I would love to campaign your special horse.

Riding Videos

Piaffe Passage at Haras 2023


Intermediare I Freestyle

with Femmo CDI Houston

Dressage at Devon Exhibition

with Proud Meadows stallion Tjerk

First Level Test Two 

with Romancino WS bred by Walkabout Station

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