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November 2023

Lots of big news to report!

Figlio (show name Femmo) is now a Grand Prix dressage horse and I am a USDF Gold Medalist! We made our Grand Prix debut this fall, and Figlio proved he has what it takes!


Kim Charney has a beautiful new horse, Oso is an Azteca (3/4 Andalusian 1/4 Quarterhorse) who not just eye candy, but also a nice mover and proven competitor.  The future looks bright for this partnership!

Emily Kutz and her beautiful mare Lala (show name Olivia) have been making amazing progress.  Lala is already so light and uphill and her topline looks fantastic.  Emily gave me the honor of showing Lala for her first time out at the Dallas Fall Show and she was mostly wonderful (I mean is "rodeo" even a legit comment or did the scribe ad lib there?).


London Sustala and Listillo won two firsts at the Curragh schooling show, finishing as Training Level reserve champions!  London also scored a 67% in her equitation class at the Dallas Fall Show with positive remarks from the judge.

Theresa Sheehy and her beautiful Amadeus (show name Atticus) have also been making great progress.  We were so excited for their recognized show debut, but Amadeus got a sole bruise from a twisted shoe the day before the show.  We got the shoe fixed and he seemed to feel better. I rode the first two classes to take the edge off (he gets show nerves) . Finally, it was Theresa's turn ... and he was off again.  Like a good sportswoman she hopped off immediately - but what a bummer. Somehow Amadeus still finished as Reserve Champion for first level for his first two classes.  

Sherry Sheffield and her famous El Espiritu have a had rough summer due to some health issues.  Fortunately the end of the ferocious heat, a round of meds an and a very special diet have helped Stu feel like his old self.

I have deeply sadly news, I lost two dear old friends this summer.  Aeros was put to sleep after complications from EPM that did not diminish despite three months of meds at full strength.  Aeros was spoiled with TLC in his final days and passed peacefully at the age of 24.

I also lost Frisbee, one of the greatest loves of my life.  He was taken by an excruciating colic that came on too fast.  He was 22 but in wonderful health and holding his spot as the shining star of Helicon Farm, and more poignantly, of my heart.   I am incredibly grateful to have been Frisbee's person.  He was one of the most intelligent and kind horses I have ever known.  He was beautiful and talented, and yet so kind and safe I could put any rider on him.  I never tired of seeing riders' fearful faces melt into big smiles as they sensed his generous spirit and softly swinging gaits.   Frisbee had a strong sense of justice and a great sense of humor.  I could ride him bridleless, even though I never really formally taught him how.   Where other horses walk off, Frisbee would sidle up to the mounting block - again I never had to teach him that, he was just that way.  I have no children, but I was there when Frisbee was born in 2001 and his sister Freesia in 1998, and with them at the end ... and I can't think of any other experience that has given me so much joy and profound sorrow. 



Tip of the Month

"Every morning you can stay in bed

with your dreams... or

you can wake up and chase them."

-Katelyn Vanhoozer

I am a writer in addition to being a rider... So naturally I love to write about dressage! 



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2023 Calendar of Events

for Helicon Farm

March 5  Curragh Schooling Show

March 18 & 19  Fort Worth Dressage Show

April 14-16  Texas Dressage Classic at Tyler Rose Park

April 22-23  Haras dos Cavaleiros Show

May 27-28  Memorial Day Classic Houston

June 3-4 Dallas Dressage Club

June 10-11 Houston Dressage 

June 17-18 Jackie Paxton Clinic

June 24-25   Central Plains OK


September 28 - Oct 1

Dressage at Devon