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Latest News at Helicon Farm

My Superstar Figlio and I just got back from a terrific show at Haras dos Cavaleiros near Houston.  Our second time out at Intermediare test two and we got a 65 and a 63.9.  I am so pleased with this result.  We still have a lot to polish up but he shows talent at all the moves, and Grand Prix has never felt closer!  We had not had any coaching since October, with the exception of one amazing day with clinician Michael Klimke. Unfortunately we were set back over the winter with quarter cracks.  Before this show we swung by Yellow Rose Dressage for a pre-test run-through and some great advice from Nancy Hinz.  

By the way, watch for clinics with Nancy Hinz and Jacqueline Paxton (June 17 & 18) at Helicon Farm this summer!  Details to come.

Show season 2023 is underway.   Showing in Texas is a challenge because the weather rarely cooperates!   New partners Theresa Sheehy and Atticus (barn name Amadeus) competed together for the first time at a schooling show at Curragh. They put in a seamless test and got a nice score of 63 from notoriously tough judge Mary Darcy.  This wonderful horse had a history of show nerves before coming to us so Theresa and I were thrilled with his confident performance.  

I showed Romeo, who unfortunately fell in love with his trailermate beautiful Bobbie Socks on the way to the show, and thus behaved like a twitterpated goofball (crying and carrying on for his beloved) in the showring, earning us some hideous scores.   Of course the object of his affection, Bobbie Socks kept her cool head in put in a solid 4th level test.   She is proof that some chestnut mares are paragons of virtue!

Fort Worth Dressage Club's Cowtown Classic was our first real show of the season.   Bobbie Socks knocked it out of the park for her official 4th level debut, earning a 71.8 % and a 71.7 % from Judge Kem Barbosa.  So proud of my girl who has battled many maladies to make this amazing comeback.  This show is totally enclosed at the Sommervell Exposition Center.  I usually don't like this facility with all of its concrete, but it was a cold weekend and they heat the buildings!  

Tyler came next on our calendar with the debut of Listillo owned by London Sustala at second level. Listillo put his best foot forward and did lovely work in his tests, but we had the tough judge, so his scores didn't match how proud I was of him. 


Romeo made his First Level debut at Tyler, his second recognized show of his life, with some great tests including a 71%, but also some tests where show nerves bubbled over.   Romeo is very tall (17-2), handsome, and dark (black for the month of April at least), so he charmed a few admirers, even when the judge was not!   Our homework is to get out more, in order to build up his confidence in new places. 

2023 Calendar of Events

for Helicon Farm

March 5  Curragh Schooling Show

March 18 & 19  Fort Worth Dressage Show

April 14-16  Texas Dressage Classic at Tyler Rose Park

April 22-23  Haras dos Cavaleiros Show

May 27-28  Memorial Day Classic Houston

June 3-4 Dallas Dressage Club

June 10-11 Houston Dressage 

June 17-18 Jackie Paxton Clinic

June 24-25   Central Plains OK


September 28 - Oct 1

Dressage at Devon