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Bella has sold to wonderful new owner. This is a great match and, hooray! Bella will continue to live at Helicon Farm!


2007 Half-Andalusian Mare

16-3 Hand Black with IALHA papers

Bella is a strikingly beautiful black mare with an abundant mane and tail.  She has elegant conformation with an arching neck and long legs. She has an endearing slight lop ear on her left side.   

She is talented at dressage - schooling second and third level movements.  She has the scope for medium gaits.   Her flying changes are coming along.

Bella hacks out, jumps and has been fox hunted.

Bella is sweet-natured and respectful of your space.  She is a busy horse but she wants to please.   She is happiest with lots of turnout or living outside with access to shelter.  

I love this mare.  She is fun to ride because she is so willing and adjustable. Under saddle she is sensitive in a good way with lots of try. Her gaits are very comfortable.   She is willing to go but not hot.

I would love to see her matched with dedicated dressage rider who will nurture her talent.

Price is now $15,000.  This is a reduction from her price of $18,000.  I have really enjoyed training her and sadly am selling now due to financial need.  I will try to match her to the best home so will work with you to make sure she is a good fit. 


Bella July2
Bella July
Bella Walk anon

July 13, 2018

2nd Level Test Three - First time to go through the test. TOH omitted and second canter walk cleaned up.

Bella May 2018 playing with movements

Bella's Sire Legado - See his gaits at 1:30

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