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 Helicon Farm

Owner & Trainer Louisa Zai

USDF Gold Medalist

Now Showing Grand Prix


USDF Silver Medalist

with CDI Small Tour Experience 


USDF Bronze with distinction

Extensive experience training young horses, including introducing 30+ to their first shows


Andrea McNeal and Dylan Casimoro


What attracts you to dressage? 


Is it the beauty and harmony, the opportunity to deepen your partnership with your horse, the self-discipline, the challenge, and the structure of the levels?


If your answer is yes and yes! then I would love to help you as a student.


Are you looking for some one to entrust your horse into training?  


When your horse is at Helicon, you can rest assured your horse is treated with love and respect.  I am kind, fair, firm and quick to reward an effort, because that’s what builds a horse’s confidence.   Training is not just about the results, it's about the physical and mental development of a sentient being.   Horses come with great characters, and I see training as my responsibility to preserve the horse's innocence while developing his ability.   

Are you searching for a dressage horse?  

Helicon Farm occasionally offers high quality horses for sale.   Before advertising a horse, I have worked closely with him or her to make sure I really understand the personality, temperament and athletic potential.  I want my horses and their buyers to become a match that lasts, so each horse is faithfully represented.  

Click on the menu to see which horses we have available now, and feel free to call me to discuss your needs in an equine partner.

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